It's Been A Minute

What have I been up to?

Anthony D. Butler

10/22/20233 min read

Hello fellow Ravenites! I can't believe it's been so long since my last blog post. Much has happened since then including releasing my new book: The Raven Chronicles - Magic Scorned. It's humbling that not only am I a published author, but that I'm officially an author of a series! I am currently working on Book Three of the Raven Chronicles series, and it's been harder to write. It's not because I ran out of ideas but that I want to make sure the story is captivating and that I don't repeat scenes I've already written. As a self-proclaimed Pantser (someone who writes without an outline), I keep notes about my previous books so I don't create huge plot holes that break the story being told. I've mentioned before that the characters pretty much write themselves, but I have to keep them in line sometimes or the story will just go off the rails, and no one wants that (Especially me!). I have an intriguing subplot I'm working on that may or may not make it through future drafts, but I'm seeing where it goes right now. As I gain more experience as an author, I'm enjoying the process more. I love writing, and even if I'm having a terrible night and I only get a paragraph written, I know I'm moving the story forward. That I am creating this world from stories my mind creates makes me love these characters even more.

That pretty much recaps where I am with my current WIP (Work In Progress). At the time of me writing this, I am six days away from my first ever book signing! I'm excited and nervous about it at the same time. I'm having it at a locally owned bookstore in downtown Twin Falls, ID on Saturday, October, 28th at 2pm. Not sure what to expect, so I'm showing up with plenty of extra books and bookmarks. Will be a fun time for sure!

I am currently working on getting my novels carried by our local Barnes&Noble. You can already find my book in DAP Bookstore in downtown Twin Falls, ID (This is also where I'm holding my book signing).I have found that writing a novel is much easier than marketing it. As I found when I went to the Writer's Conference back in May, there is no magic button with marketing a book. There a re a lot of scams out there wanting you to waste your money with them and get a zero return for it. Filtering through companies that seem legitimate, but are not can be a nightmare. You just have to be smart about it and research, research, and even more research!

As we enter the holiday season, I plan to do more blogs, so I hope you all keep checking back. I plan to keep this site better updated and I've already added the new bookmarks I had printed up onto the website. I sell them for a dollar a piece, but I give bookmarks away with any book(s) sold. Also, I sign every book purchased through my site. So, please consider my novels when you're thinking about gifts to purchase for Christmas. I would really appreciate it! Also, if/when you purchase my books or anyone else's, PLEASE leave an honest review on Amazon. The more reviews a book has, the more it's promoted by Amazon, and the more eyes that will see it. I'm not asking for five-star reviews for the sake of five-star reviews. If you truly think it's a three-star or something else, don't think I'll be upset over it, as long as it's honest and not trolling. I also accept constructive criticism. As I mentioned before, I am still a newish author and I am constantly learning and trying to improve my craft.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you found it somewhat entertaining. I will keep everyone updated on Book Three's progression and I hope everyone has a great week, no matter when you read this.

Remember that reading expands the mind and takes you to worlds you can only dream of! Until next time!

Anthony D. Butler