Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

A whirlwind these past two months.


4/24/20221 min read

This past Friday (4/22/22) was two months since my book was published. So far, I've seen the good and the bad as a newly published author. The support from friends and family have been incredible! My publisher (Page Publishing) is working on a national press release that will be sent out soon. I have promotional items being printed up that I hope to have soon. It is truly an exciting time for me!

With all of that going on, I've experienced the downside of being a new author. I've had a couple of organizations reach out to me in the past couple of weeks. While they appear to be legitimate businesses, they want a sizable investment to either give me an interview or help to promote my book. If you are as new to the publishing process as I am, beware of these. Again, they appear to be businesses that could potentially give you more exposure, but the cost upfront may not give you the return you desire. Both organizations have very few followers/listeners and you may be paying out money that could be better used elsewhere.

Moving on to what I am currently working on. I am writing a sequel to Magic Reborn and I am several chapters in at this point. It's been slow going since my book was published as I have been doing little things here and there to market my book ahead of the national press release. I am starting to put more focus on the next book now. I really love writing and the characters seem to write the story for me. I can have an idea of where I want to take the story and/or character, but then I find the story may go completely away from my original intent. The new direction is almost always better than my original idea was anyway so I just roll with it.

I hope you enjoyed today's musings. I am going to try to blog more often. I might even slip in a video or two from time to time. Thank you again for taking the journey with me on Raven's adventures. The sequel will be more pages, but I'm not sure how long just yet. I hope your week is full of good adventures! Take care!