November, A Season of Change

Warmer weather bends to the chill of Winter.

Anthony Butler

11/2/20222 min read

Hello, fellow Ravenites!

Is this blog about the weather? Have I scraped the bottom in the box of ideas for posts? In a way, yes. I was a weather geek as a child. I know, I seriously needed a life, but even now, I'm surprised I never went into Meteorology after high school. Well, not really. I've mentioned before, I'm an Introvert and not a fan of the camera, and my illogical thinking back then was if you went into Meteorology, you were pretty much on TV. So, instead, I went to a two-year college to repair computers and apparently program robots for a brief quarter. While repairing computers never actually became my job, the degree did open the doors to other job opportunities, including the one I currently have. Since the mid-2000s, I've actually built my own PCs and enjoy doing it. I also find I can build more powerful machines for less than the desktops you can buy on the shelf.

Wow, the first section of this blog went way out into left field! That is how my writing goes sometimes. As I've mentioned before, I let the characters write the story and I just type their adventures. Sometimes my ideas come to fruition and sometimes I barely see a resemblance to my original idea. No wonder so many authors love to torture their characters. Seriously though, an original idea I was going to save for Book 3 may be included in Book 2 which means it may take a little longer to finish draft #1. Or I may begin the idea in Book 2 and save the bulk for Book 3. It's all up in the air until I write it down. While I have the idea and the story to end this book, I've had bouts of writer's block. It's just been hard to figure out how to conduct the ending. I'll get it though, and will do a little catch-up writing,

Now, about this title I created. It has nothing to do with politics, but on that note, go vote! Your vote does matter, especially in rural towns where a race can be won with a 125-124 vote.  That said, enough of that. I refuse to talk politics as an author. What I think or don't think should not matter to anyone. I just want to write stories for people to read that are interesting and engaging. Maybe I already do that to a certain extent, or maybe I will get to that point in my writing. 

Once again, I've gotten off-track with this post. It really is about the changing of the seasons. While it's been in the 70s and then 60s here, today and in the foreseeable future, it will be in the mid-forties for highs. There is a definite chill in the air warning that Winter is not that far away. Halloween has exited (one of my favorite holidays) and now Thanksgiving is next, and after that, Christmas. If you celebrate other ones, I'm sure you're looking forward to those as well. It is a magical time of year that will end with a promise of a new beginning. As I get older, I tend to be more thankful for the blessings I have and am definitely one that would rather give gifts than receive them. In a way, I become a kid all over again around Christmas. 

An update for you before I end this post. I am nearing the end of my first draft. I mentioned this in my last post, but I've hit some roadblocks since then. Some of it is writer's block as I mentioned earlier, and some of it is just trying to focus on the writing itself. I think I'm breaking through it as I've managed to write several pages in the past couple of days. I hope you all stay patient with me. I want to write a quality novel for you, but I don't want it so polished that it looks generic either, so bear with me!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week, and until next time, continue reading! It's a great escape from real life and can soothe the soul in the process!